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MPD menus can be designed according to the number of people attending,
and allowing for a variety of options as well as dietary needs.
Popular items include (but not limited to) the following:

• Mini sweet muffins
• Savoury rustic style scones
• Sweet muffins
• Cereal / Muesli
• Fruit Salad Platters
• Savoury filled croissants (warmed or room temperature)
• Snack pies – savoury quiche in crispy casing

Number of attendees:
Total $:

• Savoury scones (can be cut in halves)
• Sweet muffins
• Savoury muffins
• Sandwich triangles
• Fruit kebabs
• Mini savouries

Number of attendees:
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• Brown Bag lunches (large rolls or salads, whole fruit, sweet slices, yoghurt/drinks – bagged individually with serviettes allowing for a ‘grab’n’go’ lunch)
• Working lunches from (Snack pie, Dinner rolls, Fruit, sweets, etc.)
• Hot buffet lunches – designed in conjunction with
•Tea and coffee can be provided (we use Altura coffee)

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Below are a selection of items that we can put together
to form a menu for your lunches and events.
Menus can be varied as needed.

Fillings include Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese, Salami & Brie, Falafel and Red Onion Marmalade, Mediterranean Vegetables & feta, Ham off the Bone & Brie, Chicken & Avocado, BLT with Pesto, Feta & Roast Vegetable, Pastrami & Cream Cheese...etc

• Mini bread loaves
(mixed flavours eg sundried tomato, herb & garlic , walnut, sesame)
• Mini Croissants
• Flat Breads
either cheese or poppyseed (minimum order of 10)
• Dinner rolls
• Wraps
• Round rolls
• McKenzie Bread Sandwiches

Served with dipping sauces

• Chicken & Coriander
• Chorizo & Feta
• Pumpkin & Feta

Assorted fillings (meat or vegetarian) e.g.Chorizo & Feta, Bacon & Egg, Ham, Mushroom & Cheese, Tandoori Chicken, Mediterranean Veg, Ham, Cheese & Spanish Onion etc

Assorted fillings similar to above.

Sausage Rolls, Mince & Cheese Savouries, Lentil & Cheese Rolls (v), Spinach & Feta Rolls (v), Beef & Cheese Rolls, Chicken Rolls, Pumpkin & Feta Savouries (v).

• Chicken & Vege kebabs served with yoghurt dip
• Beef & Vege kebabs served with sweet chilli dip
• Vegetarian served with hummus dip

Various fillings eg...Spinach & feta , Beef & mustard, Chorizo & feta, Pumpkin & blue cheese ts

• Mini Triangles - $3.50
• Small Triangles - $4.50 ea
• Large (Filo Nests) - $6.50 ea

(minimum order $40.00)

(approx $4.50+ per person, or at a nominated price)

• Roast Vegetable & Couscous
• Greek salad
• Potato with caramelised onions
• Pasta with pesto & parmesan
• Orzo with yoghurt, date & seed dressing
• Mediterranean Salad - Rocket, bacon, parmesan & sundried tomato
And many more...

with various toppings ($7.00pp – 4 items approx pp) or $1.50ea

with dips (approx $5 pp) or at a nominated price
Cheeses, sundried tomatoes, homemade pate, pesto, hummus, olives, salami etc.

• Mini muffins
• Gluten free slices (chocolate, citrus)
• Tarts (lemon, raspberry macaroon, pecan)
• Various slices
Chocolate, Caramel, Jamaican, Pecan Nut, Jamaican etc
• Chocolate wishes
• Gourmet biscuit bites
• Mini passionfruit cheesecakes
• Individual carrot cakes


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If you can't find what you are looking for,
send us a message and we will get back to you.

We are experienced in meeting a variety of catering needs – from early morning breakfasts at 7am through to 2 day conferences for 250 people. We can provide for various dietary needs – gluten free, vegan, diabetic, dairy free etc.

48 hours’ notice is required on catering requirements.
Check out our website for more menu ideas.

- Mud Pie DELI team -