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— Brunch —

Mud Pie Muesli$10.50
Home made muesli with yoghurt and fresh apple

Eggs on Toast (any style) $9.00
on ciabatta or 5 Grain, cooked any way you like

Bacon and Eggs $12.50
Eggs any style with bacon rashers and toast

Eggs Benedict $17.50
Poached eggs with your choice of ham OR bacon OR vegetarian OR homecured Salmon (add $2), with MPD’s hollandaise sauce on a toasted
English muffin

MPD Scramble $13.00
Scrambled eggs with feta, tomato, spring onions on toasted sourdough.
Add on MPD's homecured salmon ($6.00)

Corned Beef and Potato Rumble $17.50
Topped with a poached egg, MPD hollandaise and our homemade cajun aioli

French toast $16.50
Served with bacon, banana & maple syrup

The Full Monty $20.50
Eggs, bacon, Westmere Butcher sausages, oven roasted mushrooms, MPD's hashbrowns, homemade relish and toast

Chorizo and Spinach$20.50
Served on toasted rye bread with poached egg and MPD hollandaise

Proscuitto & Roquette $17.00
Poached egg, sundried tomato on toasted sourdough, finsihed with MPD's own hollandaise and a rosemary aioli
Eggs rancheros $17.00
Scrambled eggs finished with chorizo, chilli and cheese, served on toasted ciabatta and finsihed with MPS's cajun aioli 

SIDE ORDERS - all $6.00 each
Oven roasted mushrooms / Westmere Butcher Free range Sausages / Bacon / Homemade Hash browns

— Light Meals —

Tapas for Two $29.50
MPD's co-op brunch - an assortment of breads, homemade dips, house meats and/or vegetarian accompaniments for tow or more to share

Bacon Buttie $7.00
Kiwi bacon buttie with MPD's own tomato relish
Bagel / Croissant / Toast
(ciabatta, five grain or gluten free)
- served with MPD’s homemade preserves $7.00
- served with MPD’s homecured salmon & cream cheese $13.50
- served with bacon, tomato and MPD’s pesto $13.00

Can’t find what you are looking for - Just ask us
and we will do our best to help you

- Gluten free bread & wholemeal bread available on request -

— Sweet things —

sweet things
An ever-changing selection of cakes & sweets
including our famous chocolate mousse cake, mud pie,
individual carrot cakes, wide range of gluten free slices, & more.

— Refreshments & more —

- Fresh Juices (orange or apple) -
- Full range of coffees and teas -
- Chilled drinks fridge -
- Whole cakes (orders taken) -
- MPD’s range of deli goodies-

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